Reem Shadid

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Reem Shadid is an interdependent curator and researcher who works on the emancipatory possibilities within artistic practice, exploring the ways it intersects with political and socio-economic forms. She is the producer and host of Radio Alhara’s show Listening with Reem Shadid; a weekly listening session with artists, researchers and curators working at the intersection of sonic, visual and literary productions. Previously, she was the Deputy Director of Sharjah Art Foundation, where she served in various capacities between 2006 – 2020. Among her recent curatorial projects are Speculative Imaginaries, PROYECTOR, Madrid (2020), New Affinities, B7L9-art station, Tunis (2019), Debt, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre, Ramallah (2018), March Meeting: Active Forms, SAF (2018) and the March Project, SAF (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. She has also participated in several symposiums; In 20/20, the Architecture Association, London; Understanding Asia: Understanding Art and Culture, Asia Pacific Triennial, Brisbane; Africa Art Book Fair, La Colonie, Paris; and Collecting Territories, Studio-X Amman – Columbia GSAAP, Amman.

During her time with us Reem will continue her exploration of the potential of digital visualizations and new technologies to extend emancipatory political and communal imaginaries, with a focus on artistic practices from the Southern Mediterranean region to the Persian Gulf. She will also focus on new research which looks at histories and narratives of the commons and land ownership in occupied territories, and the rise of collective artistic and curatorial land practices as a form of self-organizing towards autonomous and liberation struggles.